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Your ankle is comprised of bones, ligaments, tendons, and muscles that must bear your body weight and enable you to walk and run. Given the hefty task of this delicate and complex structure, ankle pain is not surprisingly common. Mild ankle pain may resolve on its own. However, severe or chronic ankle pain should always be evaluated by an experienced board-certified orthopedic surgeon like Dr. Maury Harwood of Harwood Orthopedics. Located in Morgan Hill, California and serving patients in nearby South San Jose as well, Dr. Harwood is fellowship-trained in sports medicine. Call or book an appointment online for your ankle pain consultation.

Ankle Pain Q & A

Why is the ankle a common site of pain?

Your ankle is comprised of interconnected ligaments, tendons, muscles, and bones that support the weight of your entire body. They allow you to move, change directions, and bear stress, and as a result, they’re susceptible to injury and pain.

If you’re experiencing mild to moderate ankle soreness, home remedies like ice and rest may resolve it in a few days. But if the pain doesn’t go away, or you have an ankle injury, you should see Dr. Harwood as soon as possible.

What are common causes of ankle pain?

Some of the more common causes of ankle pain include:


You can break your ankle after a severe collision or fall. You’ll experience a throbbing pain and swelling that might lead to a deformity. If you can’t walk after an injury, you may have fractured your ankle or foot.


The inflammation and pain of arthritis can cause intense discomfort in your ankle joints. Gout, a form of arthritis, can manifest in the form of redness and tenderness. It often starts in your foot, but the added stress on your feet can lead to ankle pain when you walk.

Achilles tendon rupture

If you overstretch your Achilles tendon, you can tear it partially or completely. It’s often the result of sports injuries and can cause pain in the ankle region.

Sprained ankle

A sprain results when you roll or twist your ankle in an unorthodox position, often during physical activities like sports or hiking.

If you’re experiencing ankle pain that doesn’t subside after a few days and makes walking and other everyday activities difficult, Dr. Harwood can help.

How do you treat ankle pain?

Dr. Harwood reviews your medical history, focusing on any previous history of ankle pain or injury, and examines your ankle. An X-ray or other imaging test may be needed to help him identify the specific issue, such as a fracture or arthritic changes in your ankle.

Dr. Harwood works with you to develop a comprehensive treatment plan that works for you and addresses the root cause of your ankle pain. He may prescribe pain medications to help quell your ankle pain. He also might recommend applying ice or heat, elevating the ankle, and resting it so it can heal. In some cases, physical therapy may be helpful.

With serious injuries requiring surgery, Dr. Harwood discusses the specifics of your surgical treatment options with you.